Learn How Bathrooms Matter In Fairless Hills Apartments

Fairless Hills apartments come in a variety of options and layouts, and if you’re like a lot of renters, your primary consideration is how many bedrooms each one has. Some are as small as studio apartments, and others are single bedrooms. Many have two bedrooms, but some have three or even more.

While you need to know and find the number of bedrooms you need for your household, you also need to consider how many bathrooms you might need. In general, fewer bathrooms means less fixtures and space, so rent is cheaper, but it might also mean traffic jams in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready for the day. Potential layouts include these 6 possibilities:

1) Single bathrooms: This is going to be the norm in studio apartments, one bedroom units, and many older apartments. Rent might be cheaper, but people might have to learn to take turns and be quick about their business.

2) One and a half bath: This would be a case of one full bathroom having a shower or tub and a half bathroom being a powder room with only a toilet and sink. People would have to stagger their bathing, but relieving themselves, washing hands, and brushing teeth or applying makeup are all much easier.

3) One full and one on-suite: Sometimes, apartments have a ‘group’ or ‘public’ restroom accessible from the main apartment, and one of the bedrooms has its own on-suite. Whoever gets the on-suite might be considered to have an advantage in terms of privacy and not having to clean up after or for guests.

4) Two full bathrooms: In the case of a two bedroom apartment, the ideal set of circumstances is often having two full bathrooms that are accessible through the common area. This creates a true sense of balance and equity between two adult roommates that split the bills 50-50, as neither has any additional benefit or responsibility over the other.

5) Two on-suites: This is a rather uncommon layout but an interesting one. Two bedrooms would each have their own bathroom attached, meaning each roommate or family member has a full bathroom and privacy to their own. However, it does mean that any guests that come over would need to go through a bedroom in order use the restroom at all, and that can create awkward situations in terms of foot traffic, privacy, and possibly even sleep schedules.

6) Three bathrooms: This kind of layout is rare, as some three-bedroom apartments might all share a bathroom together. Fortunately, some also have one bathroom per bedroom for the utmost convenience and privacy. Three bedroom apartments that have only two bathrooms or even worse just one can see serious backups in scheduling and foot traffic.

Not all Fairless Hills apartments will have bathroom arrangements that fit into these specific categories, but many likely will. Figure out in advance what your needs and expectations are, and then do your best to align that with the options that your budget can realistically handle.