4 Main Attractions In Fairless Hills PA For You & Your Family To Visit

Located in Bucks County is a CDP called Fairless Hills. As a CDP, you might not expect too many places to explore. Yet you’re going to find some really unique things to do in Bucks County. Here are some of the top attractions of places of interest when you are traveling Fairless Hills PA.

Part of Falls Township, Fairless Hills is a great area to explore. If you have kids, you’re going to want to stop by Sesame Place. I told you that you were in for some unique places to visit. You didn’t think you were going to find Sesame Street, did you? This is a fun-filled place with rides and everything. Sesame Place has it all, including a new coaster called Oscar’s Wacky Taxi.

Shady Brook Farm is the next place to visit, and it’s a really cook working farm that is fun for the whole family. Are you ready to enjoy some delicious homemade ice cream? This farm is located at 931 Stony Hill Road. Enjoy the pumpkin patch, the corn maze, farmers market, hay ride and much more. This farm is a whole world of fun.

Arm & Hammer Park is where you go when you’re in Fairless Hills and watch to watch some minor league baseball. The stadium is technically in Trenton, but it’s listed under attractions for Fairless Hills. It is located at 1 Thunder Road, and it is a fun place for the family to go enjoy a minor league baseball game. If you’re thinking about enjoying some cheap hot dogs and great baseball, that sounds like a plan.

Now it’s time for some nature out there in Bucks County. Core Creek Park is the place, and it is located at 901 Bridgetown Pike. There are great walking trails there, and you can even rent a boat. Enjoy the beautiful lake, pick a picnic table and even play soccer or go fishing. The entire family will love this park, as it features so much fun for everyone. It’s also a great place to go mountain biking.

You’re about to have so much fun in Fairless Hills PA. Now you need to pick a spot to visit first. Join me next time for a list of the top restaurants in Fairless Hills as well. Aside from packing that picnic for Core Creek Park, you’re going to want to know where to stop for a bite to eat, too.